6 Steps to Beat Procrastination & a Little Technique Called NET

6 Steps to Beat Procrastination & a Little Technique Called NET

I fell off the wagon again… the procrastination wagon that is.  

I’m in Brussels for the first time right now doing my re-certification as a practitioner of Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET). I’m excited to be here for the next 3 days and visit the city. So far all I know is that Belgium's home to the best french fries in the world, ridiculously delicious Belgium chocolates & waffles, and that you must see a statue called the Manneue Pis (according to my NET buddy who’s from here). No one can tell me why this statue is popular here, but just that “everyone goes.”  

Ok so I didn’t see Manneue Pis, but I did see Jeanneke Pis. AND I want to confirm that yes I tried the fries and they were fantastic. Big deal coming from an American, no?  

The 9 Essential Steps to Making Your Dreams a Reality

9 Essential Tips to Making Your Dreams a Reality

Your dreams matter! Watch this video and find out how goal setting can help you turn your dreams into a reality.

For easy reference, I’ve listed the 9 tips again here:

  1. Write your goal, dreams and desire down! Get a special journal specifically for your dreams and goals. Sometimes it helps to organize your goals into life categories such as physical, spiritual, relational, intellectual, environmental, and occupational. Vision boards can serve as visual affirmations of your goals, and can be fun and get the creative juices flowing. The objective here is to get your dreams for yourself out of your mind and into something more concrete.
  2. Start to take small steps towards your big dreams. It really helps to break your goals up into manageable action steps. You may need to trouble shoot along the way, if something is not working. Don’t allow setbacks to stop you, try it differently.
  3. Start Right Away – even if you do just one thing to move you in the direction of your dreams. Small turtle steps go along way if you do one each day.
  4.  Prioritize your goals to help you stay focused. What is the most important dream you want to move towards right now? Get started on that one. Gain momentum, it helps to keep us motivated.
  5.  Pick an end date! This one is important. Choose the date you would like to make this dream a reality for yourself. It can be a long or short-term goal. You get to decide!
  6. Read over your list of goals at least 2 times a day. It is helpful to read them first thing when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to sleep at night. This helps your brain and memory to stay active and keeps these goals at the forefront of your mind, helping you to stay focused.
  7. Visualize yourself achieving your dream(s). Spend some time daydreaming about how your life will look, feel, sound, smell, and even taste like when you are living your dream.
  8. Live and act as if this goal or dream has already come true. If it seems to hard to do this all the time, try it out for a day. Experiment and see how wonderful it feels to take on that essence.
  9. Seek out professional help if you get stuck. All of us get stuck sometimes and it’s ok to allow others to help us move into more happiness. You deserve it. We all do. Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) can be highly beneficial to help us get congruent with our goals.

 I can help you unblock your path and get congruent with your goals and dreams. Getting what you want can actually be scary sometimes, so let’s clear those fears away if need be, and get ready to accept what it is that you want in life.

Contact me HERE if you get stuck, and let’s set up a time for a free 20-minute phone consultation.

If you want to get a jumpstart on your manifesting your dreams come join me and an amazing group of women for the Find Your Flourish Retreat in the South of France, coming up September 27-October 3rd, 2015. Registration deadline is August 16, 2015. There are just a few spots left. You don't want to miss this retreat! Hurry and contact me here to set up an interview! Your dreams are awaiting you.  

Tiffany Goyer provides psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, retreats, and workshops from her base office in Sherman Oaks right in Los Angeles County. She also provides phone and Skype session to women around the globe. 

Follow Your Passions and Not your Fears

Follow Your Passions and Not your Fears


My recent guest blog on Psych Central got me thinking that I needed to share these concepts with you too! Click here to read, or below.

It seems that too many of us are on the verge of burnout. But I bet we could remedy that with some large doses of self-care, and by incorporating more of what we are truly passionate about into our day-to-day work lives? This may take a little thinking outside of the box...which usually means facing our fears. I know because it did for me. 


I started the Find Your Flourish Movement and Retreats for Women. I am blending my passions for talk therapy, coaching, yoga, breath work, meditation, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and travel to help women transform their lives. This multi-faceted approach to my worklove (not a typo) has been invigorating because I am passionate in helping people on a mind-body-spirit level.

And, on September 27th, 2015, I have the immense honor and pleasure of taking a group of amazing women to the South of France for the Find Your Flourish France Retreat! A dream come true. If this sounds like fun, it's because it will be...why not join us? But I digress... 

Why You Should Retreat in the South of France!

Why You Should Retreat in the South of France!




What is the greater purpose of your life? What brings you happiness and fulfillment? How does your flourishing impact your loved ones?

This can be a hard question to answer in the midst of our own personal daily grind. We need to learn how to press the PAUSE BUTTON (where is it again?), and reconnect with what REALLY matters to us. The fastest way I know how to facilitate your connection to your deepest dreams and desires, is by taking time to retreat.

Despite what the little voices in our heads tell us, it is not selfish to have dreams and desires, or to follow your desired path. Actually, it’s just the opposite. When you live from a place of being connected to your authentic core – when you are happy and fulfilled – everyone around you benefits.

Think about it. Pause...

8 Ways Travel Heals!

8 Ways Travel Heals!

8 Ways Travel Heals!

To create the life that you were meant to live, sometimes you need to get away from it all. I want to help you create a new perspective of yourself and your life, and the best way I know how to do that is travel. 

Travel heals by helping us to:

  1. fall in love with life again.
  2. appreciate who we are, away from our daily routine.
  3. appreciate the life we do have at home.

What I've Learned in 15 years as a Psychotherapist

What I've Learned in 15 years as a Psychotherapist

What I've Learned in the almost 15 years of being a Psychotherapist and How the Find Your Flourish Movement Came About

5 crucial questions every woman needs to ask herself:

1.    Are you living your life from a place of truth?

2.    Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Are you fulfilling your life’s purpose?

3.    Do you have dreams and desires that you have forgotten about, or let fall by the wayside?

4.    Do you have a tendency to put other’s needs before your own, and feel burned out, lost and frustrated in work and love?

5.    Do you long for more meaning in your life?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, read on, I can help you. I’m committed to a world where women never forget that their dreams truly matter.

The greatest gem I’ve learned over the last almost 15 years of being a psychotherapist is that true transformation can really take place when we integrate healing on the levels of mind, body, and spirit.



Can you relate to what it feels like to be “stuck?” This word is so common in psychology now, that it’s practically become a “clinical” term. But, for good reason, “stuck,” explains a lot about the human experience.

Think of your life. I bet there is at least one or more areas that you feel stuck in, be it in your relationships, your work, your finances, your health, etc., etc.

Being stuck is a great metaphor for what is actually happening in the brain. We become stuck on certain neural pathways, causing us to loop through old stories about our lives. Sometimes it feels near impossible hop off these old story loops, or neural pathways to affect change in our lives. But it is possible to more easily create healthier stories, and more joyful beliefs and feelings that will help you find your flourish in life.   

Let Go of Fear & Feel Irresistible to Yourself this Valentine's Day: Top Six ways Yoga Heals

Let Go of Fear & Feel Irresistible to Yourself this Valentine's Day: Top Six ways Yoga Heals

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, keyed up, battling that inner critic, having a difficult time making decisions, and/or feeling like you aren’t on the “right” life path?  Yoga can help.

Yoga is a great way to jumpstart your own healing journey. Healing never means the damage never existed, it just means that it no longer controls our lives.  Amen sister! Or as we say in Kundalini Yoga, Wahe Guru! -- (Meaning how AWE-mazing it is to go from darkness to light)!

I’ve worked with many over-giving, well-intentioned women who push through their body’s signals to slow down and rest, OR move and shake. There are so many demands on women these days to be everything to everybody. It’s easy to try and sweep our emotions under the proverbial rug, AND ignore our body’s signals, especially when our society values the "go, go, go" attitude toward life. Today, in my work with women and couples, I am passionate about sharing the key ingredients for creating long lasting health and wellness in body, mind AND spirit. I not only use talk therapy and traditional coaching techniques to help clients, I also use breath-work (pranayama), meditation, and gentle yoga movements to help clients reconnect their mind and bodies to reduce anxiety and stress, to increase confidence and wellness, and to help illuminate the sense of one’s “right” life path and clarity of mind. I also lead workshops and retreats to help heal the mind-body connection, so that my clients can truly flourish in life.